Our services’ areas of use

  • optimization of number of workers in all areas of the production process
  • improving the flow of production and reducing the production runtimes
  • reducting in the material volumes and stock control
  • increasing efficiency of maintenance
  • determining the utilization of working time for line workers
  • standardization - MTM A1/A2, UAS, SD, MEK, REFA, BASIC MOST
  • creation of norms for the building industry, adjustments of interior and building renovation
  • ...


  • benchmarking, timing, working day shot, analysis of activities in relation to workplace ergonomics, worker’s autoshow, momentarily observation, analysis of output size, measure of productivity
  • average time of analysis is 5 to 8 working days for 10 workers


  • production process mapping, organization of production, evaluation of work time, providing basis for the calculation of products prices (services), reducing degree of production completion, reducing material costs, implementation of motivational remuneration plan for workers, optimal usage of production and staff capacity